NOVA LOGISTICS are equipped with Tariff Finder System for updated Harmonized System Code via web and latest information on Authorities announcement and Trade Agreement / Facilities update.

With Tariff Finder our coordinator’s are able to suggest suitable Tariff Codes for customers to avoid any discrepancies with Authorities.

With Tariff Finder we are able to reduce customers duty payment by compiling to Trade Agreement from respective import / export countries


NOVA LOGISTICS equipped with in house EDI system (Software supplier: Rank Alpha), our declaration system are consist of: –

  • CDF 1 (Import Declaration)
  • CDF 2 (Export Declaration)
  • CDF 3 (Domestic Declaration)
  • CDF 8 (Port to Port or Port to Bonded warehouse declaration)
  • CDF 9 (Partial cargo clearance)
  • CDF 4 (Import Manifest)
  • CDF 5 (Export Manifest)
  • ZB1 (Import clearance for cargo stored or value added in Port FCZ area)
  • ZB2 (Export clearance of cargo stored or value added in Port FCZ area)
  • ZB3 (Transshipments clearance)
  • ZB4 (For value adding works approval from Port Klang Authority)
  • DG Declaration (For DG cargo import and export)

Total of 4 Units PC installed with 3 Declaration Clerks and controlled by 1 Supervisor, expertise in declaring Pending Exemption, CJ5, Exemption, LMW and other relevant declaration to customs department.