Haulage Services


Container Haulage Services.
Container haulage services are provided by Nova Haulage Services Sdn Bhd , the company presently provides laden and empty container haulage services throughout Peninsular Malaysia.

News Flash
NOVA HAULAGE SERVICES SDN BHD has been inspected by CT PAT Audit conducted by US Customs and Border Security on June 2009 for handling export shipment for Kimberly Clark and Export Shipment for Lee Huat Plastic Industries Sdn Bhd

Facilities currently available include:


Well maintained fleet of 44 prime movers and 210 trailers inclusive of 7 Side loaders and Tipper.

State of the Art computerized system for intelligent vehicle scheduling and optimizing tracking operations. Online linkage with WestPorts & Northport

Where we are

Contact No.:Tel. 603 3134 3155   Fax: 603 3134 3055

Haulage Technology


  1. GPS Systems are equipped at the time of truck purchase and installation is done by a licensed dealer.
  2. Movement of drivers will be monitored by Duty Supervisor at all time and based on communication of movement order collection or delivery.
  3. Positioning timing will be recorded and stored in temporary server for 14days and later will be kept by service programmer server for 1 year.
  4. Event tracking of the truck will be done in case of emergency notified and to identify the truck’s exact location.
  5. NH Primer Movers are equipped with Mobile Walkie Talkie which will be used to communicate with Control at all times.